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Air Mag Is the advanced superior blogger template fully optimized for speed enhancement and Google core web vitals. This blogger template has been crafted for advanced-level features and Amazing sections designed with beautiful effects.  in this blogger template the optimization is a very hard level like accessibility, SEO, Best performance, loading speed Adsense friendly. In this blogger template all the feature post sections have different purposes with their posts.

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Air Mag Blogger Template has three premium exclusive demo versions listed Default, Dark, RTL. Each Demo version supports all exclusive premium features which be default ready to use.

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Air Mag Blogger Template is highly optimized and SEO friendly blogger template which provided finest experience and more customizable theme. Check theme documentation and installation process through our well mainted docs.

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Premium Innovative Features:

1: Fast Loading in Google Page Speed Test

Core Web Vitals

With our finest optimization, we have repaired the Google Core Web Vitals, which benefit in ranking in search engines.

  • SEO Optimized
  • Light Weight
  • Adsense Friendly
  • Fast Loading

2: Unlimited Ads Placements

Easy Control Over Ads

Use ads in your posts effortlessly with unlimited shortcode usage, which helps you increase earnings and produce good revenue.

  • Unlimited ads
  • Works in Posts & Pages
  • Flexible Instant Ads
  • Easily Customizable

3: Awesome Ajax Search

Quick Search Results

Live ajax search now makes it easier to discover results on the page, allowing you to build a better user experience.

  • Instant Results
  • Fast and Relevant
  • Improve Users experience
  • Powerful search tool

4: Unlimited Post Cards

Add Featured Post Cards Easily

With the use of Shortcodes, Dynamic Post Cards allows you to simply build any personalized post card without any coding skills.

  • Easy to setup
  • Custom Cards
  • No Coding Knowledge
  • Flexible Cards

5: Post Split (Content Pagination)

Split Articles Easily

Now, divide your content into pages with the help of Post Split to reduce bounce rates and increase earnings from active users.

  • Flexible Pagination
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Increase Earnings
  • More Active Visitors

6: Native Feed System

Reduce Web Page Size

Used Native Feed Mode to improve performance and remove bulkier material, making it more user-friendly and lightweight.

  • Image Optimization
  • Use Third Party Images
  • Increase Loading Speed
  • Improved Ajax Posts


- V.1.4.0 (01 July 2023)

- Posts speed 92+ in Google Page Test

- Fixed Posts low speed improvements

- Reduce Template size and fast loading

- Fixed table CSS and optimized javascript

- Reduce comment section rendering faster

- V.1.3.0 (13 May 2023)

- Added new Bootstrap icons

- Speed is now 90+ mobile

- Fixed Main Menu crashing on extra texts

- Little Minor Bugs Fixed

- Same Version (01 May 2023) - Optional Update

- Fixed Post author hide/show from layout

- New Flexible look layout

- Fixed Archive List widget section

- Little Minor Bugs Fixed

- V.1.2.0 (08 January 2023)

- Added Native Feed System

- Fixed 3rd Party Images not Showing

- Eliminated Blogger Feed

- Performance Improvement

- V.1.1.0 (28 December 2022)

- Added Post Cards

- Added Post Split (Content Pagination)

- Added Short Feed System

- Added Awesome Ajax Search

- Added Unlimited Ads Placements

- Core Web Vitals Fixed

- V.1.0.0 (12 March 2022)

- Initial Stage Release

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AirMag - News & Magazine Blogger Template

70 ratings
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